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The analytical equipment available to SYNCHIMIA is represented by all those intruiments usually present in high level organic labs (UV-VIS, FT-IR, GC, GC-MS, HPLC, MALDI-TOF, NMR, etc.).

Beside these techniques, SYNCHIMIA has ready access to the following scientific facilities that can be used for devices fabrication and characterization

Portable spectrometer
The portable UV-VIS spectrometer consists of a base unit containing a grating monochromator with three interchangeable and motorized slits. This unit is based on a CCD camera detector and an adapter for connection with optical fibers is also present. This set can be used for spectroscopic analysis of the radiation emitted by electroluminescent devices. The light emitted by these devices is directed towards the monocromator through the optical fiber and then its spectral components can be detected by the CCD camera. The system is interfaced with a PC using a special software, which allows to obtain the emission spectrum of the device.
Parametric Analyzer
The parametric analyzer is used to measure the I-V characteristics in both average power (with current <100mA) and high-power (current> 100mA), and includes the ability to operate in DC or AC with the resolution up to fA.

Parametric Analyzer

Solar Simulator

It is used for evaluating the performance of photovoltaic cells. The surface radiation is typically 100x100 mm2 with irradiation of 3suns. Xenon lamp with filters to absorb UVB and UVC radiation and for the simulation of the absorption of the atmosphere.

Solar Simulator



SYNCHIMIA is able to perform advanced characterization of thin films of optoelectronic materials by means of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). The instrument is equipped with a special acoustic enclosure that allows to obtain very detailed images even in the angstrom domain.


AFM system housed in the acustic enclousure

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